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Yoga: Edges and Mixtapes

“Trust that the world is good, and you will see how good the world can be.”   This was one of the last things that I said to my father before he passed away. And everyday I wake up; I try to live that… Continue Reading “Yoga: Edges and Mixtapes”

Holistic Detox August 2016 – Syllabus

  During the month of August, we will be showcasing 30 different detoxes. 10 mind, 10 body and 10 soul. This detox is a holistic detox, a detox of our whole being, to help us live our best lives!   So the following list will… Continue Reading “Holistic Detox August 2016 – Syllabus”

Yoga Meditation: Strength and Forgiveness


I decided that I had to deal with these things in a healthier manner than just getting drunk and calling motherfuckers out on their shit. Still a necessary step, for me anyway. But how was I going to let go of my death grip to these people and situations?

Acorns? Oaks? Be the tree? Woodstock? Hippie level – 100%

She smiled and said very politely, “You could die, and this is what you get for walking around Woodstock barefoot.”

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