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Digital Detox

Screen Detox: Conscious User   Out of all the tangible topics that are valuable to re-evaluate as we hope to make positive change in our lives, screen addiction is perhaps one of the most widespread personal sticky situations modern civilization has found itself in… Continue Reading “Digital Detox”

It’s not me, it’s you – Relationship Detox

It’s not me, its you. You know that person in your life that is a constant downer? The person who seems to suck the life out of the room when they walk in, or when they call you, you automatically feel like ignoring the… Continue Reading “It’s not me, it’s you – Relationship Detox”

Clutter Detox

Welcome and congratulations in taking on this detox to help maintain a better you! Before we begin, it’s important to remember that you are already who you wish to become! Yes, that’s right; from the exact moment when you created the idea of change,… Continue Reading “Clutter Detox”

Holistic Detox August 2016 – Syllabus

  During the month of August, we will be showcasing 30 different detoxes. 10 mind, 10 body and 10 soul. This detox is a holistic detox, a detox of our whole being, to help us live our best lives!   So the following list will… Continue Reading “Holistic Detox August 2016 – Syllabus”

5 questions to ask a stranger.

Originally posted on Jargon on a screen.:
Finding it hard to connect with new people through small talk I decided to compiled a list of questions that would help establish an open line of communication and a more lasting encounters. I’ll go through each…

Under Deconstruction

So this site is under construction, while I am under deconstruction.  This is my breakdown.  This is my empowerment.   This is a journey and intentional life change that has been but a thought for years, and now it’s finally coming to manifestation. Please… Continue Reading “Under Deconstruction”

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