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L.A.’s Downtown Arts District

Here are some shots I took of Downtown L.A.’s Arts District, this place was amazing, and thankfully to my Couchsurfing host, Tom, I was able to spend a good portion of the day down there exploring and doing a mini photoshoot for him 🙂  … Continue Reading “L.A.’s Downtown Arts District”

The Scenes of Savannah

Through a series of synchronicities, I recently found myself in Savannah, Georgia, where I met some amazing people, explored awe-inspiring places, and (if I can be so bold as to say) learned a bit more about myself. Visiting Savannah allowed for me to experience many firsts and… Continue Reading “The Scenes of Savannah”

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“because who in their right mind would turn down a round trip flight from NY to SAV for…… $116.80, taxes fees and all that included.”

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