Pour Up, Drank – Water Detox

How much water do you drink a day?  Chances are that whatever you answer is, it’s not enough.  There are many signs of chronic dehydration, such as fatigue, constipation, high/low blood pressure and many others, check out Care2, for more information about identifying dehydration.

This detox/challenge is one of the BEST ways to help detox the body and flush out toxins and excess waste.   There are many theories and equations that claim to be the exact formula for how much water one should intake in a day.   We are not offering a strict number or claiming that a gallon or 8 glasses is the key to good health.   We are however promoting the idea of increasing your daily intake of water, and we support the amazing benefits of doing so!


You can look forward to clearer skin, more energy, finding yourself in a better mood and many other benefits!


So for this challenge we invite you to pour up, drank!    If you can, go for a gallon a day, if not, focus on getting in 8 glasses of water.  Whatever you chose to do with this, just increase your water intake, but try to hover between those two to reap the most benefits!

Some tips and ideas to help you along the way: 

  • Get yourself a gallon of water and mark the side of it with time’s throughout the day to help keep you on track.

  • Set alarms/reminders on your phone to help keep you going.
  • Be kind to the environment! #endsingleuse  Make sure to utilize a reusable water bottle!   Klean Kanteen is a great company to seek out for your reusables.  You might see reps from Klean Kanteen at your next festival, they offer free, clean fresh water for the festival goers!



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Clutter Detox

Welcome and congratulations in taking on this detox to help maintain a better you!

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that you are already who you wish to become! Yes, that’s right; from the exact moment when you created the idea of change, and saw yourself as that better version of yourself, you became that better version. You’ve seen and know how that version acts, how they think, and how they live. You now only need to follow the appropriate actions to keep on that path. We are all constantly changing; how we handle situations and emotions, what we believe to be true and how we live our lives. We have highs and we have lows. If we can remember this constant impermanence, through those changes we’ll have a much better outlook on this journey. Before we start, I’d like you to sit for a moment and close your eyes. Picture a movie screen or a crystal ball with the way you’d like to see yourself in the future. Sit for however long you’d like to watch and continue reading after you’ve done so.


Clutter Detox! This detox is focused on how to help you un-clutter your home, office, life and mind. About 6 years ago, I began to see how many items I cluttered my life, home and work space with, which in turn was really cluttering my mind. I was once told that your work space/living area is a good reflection of yourself and boy was I a freakin’ mess! So I began taking steps that could help me let go of some of those things I was holding onto. In turn, I let go of much more. Since this is a 31-day detox, I’d like to make a list of things you could do each day, accompanied by a brief explanation as to why it may help you keep in the right direction. Don’t feel pressured to do any of these things if you are not ready. You are on your own path and will move at the pace that works best for you. You’re the master of your own mind and these are wonderful tools that can help you follow your desired path.

Day 1

First, look at your life. What is your clutter? Is it clothes, art supplies, papers, snow globes? Take a walk and write down all of these areas. This is to become familiar with what you have and want to target. Could take 5 minutes or 3 hours. That’s it – day one complete!

Day 2

Time to grab two trash bags. Set a timer on your phone or just watch the clock for the next 13 minutes. Press start and get to work by filling up both bags as fast as possible, one being trash and the other for donations. The goal is to have both bags filled by the end of the 13 minutes.

Day 3

Choose something on your list (start small, instead of the whole kitchen choose three or four cabinets.) Go to it and make 3 piles; keep, maybe keep, and donate/trash. Before you start to sort, make a rule that anything that goes into the donate/trash pile can not come out. Remember, the more you let go the less you have to go through next time. (A good way to decide what to keep and let go of is to ask yourself, “Do I need this right now? Do I use this? Would I be okay without this? You’ll know what pile to put it in.) Do as many places on your list as you can handle.


Day 4

(Continue to work through the list) Take all your clothes on hangers and put the hangers all facing inwards direction (If you do not have access to hangers you can put the cloths in one space.) After you wear and wash the item, return it to the hanger and face it the opposite direction (or put them some where else, if not on hangers.) Set a time limit (1 month, 2 months, 6 months, etc. Choose shorter times for speedier results) and say, “By the end of this time whatever clothes are still facing inwards I will donate or give away.” This exercise will help you physically see what you’re holding onto and don’t really put to use. You can do the same for your office, kitchen, or workspace.

Day 5

(Continue to work through the list) Take today to write down how you feel about your progress with the detox. Next we’ll jump into a “Thought detox”. Just like objects, thoughts can clutter our minds, so today we’re going to start sorting them out just like the physical items. Start by writing down the types of thoughts that occupy your mind (It could be music playing in your head constantly, or thoughts about how people have hurt or irritated you, or all the chores that need to get done.) For each write down a way you think could help un-clutter these thoughts. For music, you may want to drive home in silence without the radio on. With negative thoughts about how people have hurt you, instead say, “I forgive them for hurting me as I hope that anyone who I may have hurt or harmed can forgive me.” For thoughts about chores, make a list of what needs to be done and let it go until you are ready to do them. Like items can clutter up our space, so to can our thoughts clutter up our mind. Sort through it, see what’s worth keeping and get rid of the rest. Work it out with yourself. Once you do, the thought may come back. If so, just gently remind yourself that you’ve already worked this out and it’s just habit that brings it back. Just choose one or two from the list and work those out.

Day 6

(Continue to work through the list)

Pick one! Choose one that you can fit your life best at this moment

  • Day without phone, no internet, and no TV.(Keep a tally of ever time you reach for your phone.)
  • Day in nature (See how little you need to be happy.)
  • Day of limited talking (This means little to no speech. This is to help quite your mind down.)

Day 7

Take a day to reflect on your progress. How’ve you been doing? Can you be doing more to help yourself?

Day 8

(Continue to work through the list) For the remainder of the detox work through your list or until it’s complete. This is a big day, but a very important one. Let go of something you have attachment to. It doesn’t have to be something that holds very sentimental value, but just something you have a hard time thinking of letting go of (One day I was riding my bicycle down a hill. I looked down at my shoes and thought, “I love these shoes so much.” I knew then my attachment to these shoes was unhealthy for me. I needed to let go of them, not because I loved them but because the thought of not having them was difficult. So with a swift kick of my feet I sent those shoes flying. In retrospect, I should of donated them instead of littering. For the next few hours, it really bothered me that I got rid of those shoes – so much so that I went back to the spot to try and find them but they where gone, thankfully. This really opened the door for me and made the next steps I took much easier.) You can do this anytime with anything, just think, “Can I let go of Blank?” The next step is your choice.


Day 9

Give something of yours to someone else. (I found that it is much easier to give something to someone in need. For example, I was riding my bicycle down the road and saw a friend who was trying to fix his bike. He told me he didn’t have a wrench. Luckily, I had one in my backpack. We fixed the bike and I told him to keep the wrench. When he inquired why I replied, “I’ll find another one if I need it”.) Watch and listen to others around you. Chances are, you’ll come across someone in need. Plus, kindness is contagious – so pass it on!

Day 10

Today try to use as little as possible. It could be that you’ll use the same plate and silverware for all your meals or you don’t go out for coffee, lunch or dinner. Learn how little we actually need to make things work and how much we use that doesn’t have to be used.

Day 11

You may find you have memories attached to a lot of objects. A good way to keep track of these is to make a memory box. Take a shoe box or plastic bin and put in the items you’d like to hold onto. If something doesn’t fit, this may be incentive for you to let it go. (I personally found that if I let go of the item, it doesn’t mean I’m letting go of the memory or how special it was. Writing down in a journal can help too. Instead of keeping the bottle opener from my sister’s wedding, let me write down the memory of the wedding and let go of this bottle opener I never use or need.) These things may seem difficult to do, but remember: there is no pressure, just ideas.

Day 12

Lets do a bit of research and inspiration to keep us educated and motivated. Here is a quick read with some other links to helpful blogs about simplify and decluttering your home.

Ahh The Simple Life

Day 13

Pick one! Choose one that you can fit your life best at this moment

  • Day without phone, no internet, and no TV.(Keep a tally of ever time you reach for your phone.)
  • Day in nature (See how little you need to be happy.)
  • Day of limited talking (This means little to no speech. This is to help quite your mind down.)

Day 14

Start your listed areas of clutter from the beginning. Go through and sort them into there 3 piles just as before. Remember to make the rule that if it goes into the Donate/Trash pile you can not take it back out.

Day 15

(For the remainder of the detox work through your list again, until it’s complete.)

Take today to write down how you feel about your progress with the detox. And complete a “Thought detox” just as we did on Day 5.

Day 16

Clutter doesn’t only come in a physical or mental form but also in a electronic form. Spend today cleaning up your computer, laptop, phone or any due bills if possible. If you don’t finish, don’t sweat it, we’ll come back to it.


Day 17

Today try to use even less than before on day 10.


Day 18

Take a day to reflect on your progress. How’ve you been doing? Can you be doing more to help


Day 19

Give something away! Just like Day 9.


Day 20

Pick one! Choose one that you can fit your life best at this moment.

  • Day without phone, no internet, and no TV.(Keep a tally of ever time you reach for your phone.)
  • Day in nature (See how little you need to be happy.)
  • Day of limited talking (This means little to no speech. This is to help quite your mind down.)

Day 21

Electronic detox, just like Day 16.

Day 22

Thought Detox, just like Day 5 and 15.

Day 23

Some helpful hints you may find handy.

Zen Habits


Day 24

Today use the absolute bear minimum of what you can. Less than Day 17!


Day 25

Take a day to reflect on your progress. How’ve you been doing? Can you be doing more to help yourself?


Day 26

Let go of something you have attachment to. Just like Day 8.


Day 27

Pick one! Choose one that you can fit your life best at this moment.

  • Day without phone, no internet, and no TV.(Keep a tally of ever time you reach for your phone.)
  • Day in nature (See how little you need to be happy.)
  • Day of limited talking (This means little to no speech. This is to help quite your mind down.)

Day 28

For the remained of the detox challenge yourself to not buy anything. Try to live off of what you have currently, if that means making the toilet paper last, you better make it last! If its your neighbors birthday, better give them an item from your procession! Morning coffee, best get to bed early or make it yourself if you have any. As extreme as this day sounds, its important to learn how little we actually need to make things work and how much we use that doesn’t have to be used.


Day 29

Give something away! Just like Day 9.

Day 30

Thought Detox, just like Day 5, 15, and 22.

Day 31

YOU MADE IT! Today we learn the most important thing of all about keeping a balanced life, today we treat ourselves. Decluttering doesn’t always have to be about getting rid of things it’s a mind set. A learned perspective on what we actually need in our lives. I have many things I could be without but I know I can let them go at anytime now. I’ve learned how to be without and can now accept things into my life without feeling over whelmed, and when I do feel overwhelmed I simply remember what I learnt and let it go. So on that note I’m going to treat myself to something sweet. I hope this detox was helpful. If you want to continue the detox you can take the “One item a day” challenge were you try to give away one item a day, at the end of the year that’s 365 less items! You can also continue any of the daily exercise.

-Blake Aaron Bradley


About the Author:


Blake Aaron Bradley is an artist, graphic designer, sculptor, carpenter, and author.   Blake is well known across the country as one of the traveling gurus. He is an experienced Couch Surfing host and has welcomed over 60 travelers into his home and played an integral part in each of their journeys. Blake is the author of Jargon a Screen and is working on one of his newest projects, set for publication in the near future! When Blake isn’t taking over the world, he is tending to his beehive, teaching classes on bee preservation and working in his studio. Please visit him online, and follow his journey, as he helps spread the good vibes.




Holistic Detox August 2016 – Syllabus


Detox Flyer
Detox Flyer

During the month of August, we will be showcasing 30 different detoxes. 10 mind, 10 body and 10 soul. This detox is a holistic detox, a detox of our whole being, to help us live our best lives!   So the following list will be the syllabus for this month, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following detoxes and choose whichever ones resonate with you and that will be your detox plan for this challenge!


This is a holistic detox, so we strongly suggest choosing at least one from each category to give yourself the full holistic experience




Why: Meditation has proven to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting mindfulness.

How: Everyday for at least 30 minutes, (an hour would be better) take some time to yourself and explore meditation. Use whatever resources you can find online for different meditation techniques.


Why: The average American is interacting with technology, be it watching TV, using their cell phones or working on the computer for an average of 11 hours a day!   That’s a lot of time with our faces staring at a screen!

How: Assess how much time you spend using all of your devices, and see where you can make cuts, and limit your exposure to these forms of technology, and fill your free time with other activities!


Why: Have you found yourself pulled in so many different directions by everyone and everything in your life?   Have you felt overwhelmed with your responsibilities to others? If so, this may be the detox for you

How: Everyday, spend one hour in complete solitude. No phones, no TV, no books, nothing that will add input into what you should be focusing on. Do something with your hands, or go watch the clouds for a while and see what thoughts cross your mind.


Why: We invest in our friends and family and people around us all the time. But we need to remember that you need a full glass to be able to pour into another’s.

How: Pick one self help/self advancement book and read it everyday for the month of august, and invest in your own self development and advancement.


Why: As we get older we fall into thought patterns that have become instinctual, and we follow those patterns without regard to specific situations. Do you find yourself in conflict often? Has your life and your actions seem to have fallen on autopilot? Than this detox could help you “grab the wheel” and steer your life in the direction that you decide.

How: Everyday, play a game with yourself, by acting like a 2 year old. WHY, WHY, WHY??? You did something, or you think a certain way, or you are in a certain situation, examine it and get to the root of why.   Ask yourself why until you hit that “Aha!” moment, and you will find the root cause of why you are experiencing something, and from there you can direct your life in another direction.


Why: Over the years we have all developed some poor habits. Drinking to excess, smoking, pushing people away, poor eating habits, any life habit that has had some detrimental effect on our lives.   When we break these old patterns, we start to build new and healthier behavior patterns.

How: Find your habit that you want to break, start to assess what causes it, why did you start, are there times that you are triggered to act in this way? Ask yourself questions about your habit, until you get sick of thinking about it! When you finally hit that point, you know more about yourself and why you behave in this way, and you are better able to put in place a plan to break the habit and replace it with healthier choices. Everyday ask yourself questions and follow your plan of attack!


Why: Has your environment been overwhelming to the point of constant distraction? Do you find yourself walking around your space, with no real motive or focus?  Do you want to understand the deeper levels of the connection between our environment and our mental health?  Than this detox might be for you.

How: This will be our first detox that is showcased, and definitely not one to miss!! Check back August 1st for full details!


Why: How much time do we really contemplate our own life, from our OWN perspective? We sometimes contemplate our existence through a society or familial lenses, but do we often take the time to identify our experience with no prejudice or expectations? This Detox might be helpful for you if you find yourself asking what you are doing in life, from time to time.

How: Everyday write a journal entry, even if its only 1 page, give yourself time to be unapologetic in your expression and let your thoughts flow freely, this is your safe space, voice it all out!


Why: A very wise woman once said that “we all need a cheerleader sometimes, we need that support.” If you find that you feel alone and that there is no one on your side, from time to time than it is time to step up and be your own biggest supporter!

How: Affirmations can be found online, and a quick google search can explain them a bit more in depth, but basically for the month of august, repeat your affirmations to yourself daily. (PRO TIP: Deepak Chopra has an amazing album on Spotify that I use very often, this could be a good place to start.)


Why: Studying permaculture has been an amazing experience, but one of the best things that I took away from it is the wholistic mindset, and systematic approach to problem solving. This aids in any problem solving situations.

How: research permaculture theory and the permaculture principles and explore how you can utilize them in your daily problem solving situations. Everyday approach your situations with the frame of wholistic and systematic problem solving. What affects what, and how can the smallest change, have the biggest impact?




Why: WHY NOT!? Juicing has amazing health benefits that I’m sure you’ve all heard a hundred times before!

How: Watch the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and follow your own juice detox. Incorporate juicing into your daily intake, or go HAM and do a complete juice reboot, with just juice for the 31 days in August!*


Why: Yoga is all about balance, growth and being in your body and being in your experience. If you feel like you are “floating around” or not grounded most of the time, than yoga might help define your center, and you can explore your “edge” and find the relationship between your physical limits and the limits in your life.

How: Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced yogi, incorporate yoga into your daily routine, and allot yourself an hour a day to explore your own yoga practice. There are plenty of resources all over the Internet to get a good sense of direction with this! Also a lot of our participants have some experience with yoga, so use all of us as your support system with this! *


Why: Do you feel like your body is off kilter, or that you have a lot of pent up energy, or not enough throughout your day? Earthing is a great way to reconnect yourself to the earth and help balance your energy levels.

How: Spend at least 30 minutes, everyday, outside in nature, BAREFOOT. Yes, barefoot, let there be nothing between yourself and the earth and let the earth energies and your energies even and balance out.


Why: Would you put filthy and tainted gas in your Maseratti? Absolutely not, so we should follow the same mindset when we decide on what we put in our bodies. By choosing a healthy vegan diet, we are supplying our body with the best fuel for us to thrive!

How: Research why people go vegan, and look up some vegan recipes that are out of this world! Replace 1 meal a day with a vegan, plant based meal, or go HAM and eat an entirely vegan diet for the month of August, and hopefully for the rest of your life!


Why: Modern day humans, especially Americans are chronically dehydrated, causing illness, drowsiness and lethargy. Drinking enough water is one of THE BEST things we can do to physically detox and put our bodies in a place for some amazing healing.

How: Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday for the entire month of August. (PRO TIP: get a reusable water bottle and calculate how many of them you would have to drink, to get your daily water intake and set reminders on your phone to drink, to help keep you on track!) *


Why: When was the last time you just danced to have fun, and let your inhibitions go? Most of us, when we dance are out on the dance floor, participating in some kind of mating ritual to attract a partner. *eye roll* That’s all well and good, but take time and dance to be well and feel good! HAVE FUN, get weird and just drop into the music.

How: Everyday for 30 minutes, give yourself a dance break, blast some music and dance by yourself, jam out and really show Stella how to get that groove back!


Why: Physical exercise is good for us, for so many obvious reasons, but this exercise detox is focused on the relationship between physical motion and how it helps free our mind. Move your body and move your mind, watch how your daily physical exercise increases your mental capacities and helps with mental clarity.

How: Everyday get in 1 hour of moderate to intense physical exercise and take note of how you feel mentally after your workouts!


Why: You can go weeks without food, days without water but only a minute without breathing. Well not for Wim Hof, he has proven to the world that the limits of the human body are not what we originally thought, and his techniques have been replicated and taught all over the world. Imagine hiking Mt. Everest in just your shorts and almost no equipment, well he did and he taught the breathing and meditation techniques to others, who went on to accomplish similar feats.

How: Google Wim Hof and find his techniques for free and practice his breathing exercises everyday, and keep an eye out for the blog post by one of our guest hosts, about his experience with adopting Hof’s techniques. *


Why: The sun essentially provides life to our entire planet. With out the sun there would be no life, no plants, no animals, not humans. It gives life to plants and sentient beings, the world over, and we rarely address the nourishment we get directly from the sun. We are constantly told that it’s bad for us, and while we do need to be safe with sun exposure, we should also be mindful with what benefits it has!

How: Check out this Sungazing how-to and GO SLOW! We absolutely don’t want any of you to over-do it and hurt yourselves! *


Why and How: “Oil pulling, also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.” *




Why: Often times we find ourselves subconsciously censoring our expression at work, at home, and wondering how we fit into the world. Lets take this month to make the world that fits us. Lets be completely candid in our expression, and be unapologetically authentic.

How: Take the time this month to dive into our creative expression, maybe that means making a painting, or writing a song, or poem, or working on DIY projects. Everyday this month, make something new, or work everyday on one project and go into this with the mantra “first thought, best thought”


Why: Forgiveness is one of the ultimate keys to happiness, it frees us from past confrontation and allows us to make room in our lives for better things.   Lets “clean house” and wipe the slate clean in our heart.

How: Read this blog post and look within yourself at what past things you are holding onto, that to this day are having a detrimental affect on your happiness. And remember to offer the blessing of forgiveness to yourself as well! Everyday assess your life and what you can forgive to move on and live your best life!


Why: They say that we are the sum of the five people closest to us. Who are you surrounded with? Are the people in your life, positive and supportive? Or are you surrounded by people who are negative and drag you down? Lets actively construct our inner circle to be the most supportive and positive environment possible.

How: Look at the people in your life; friends, family and significant others, and ask if they are positively contributing to your life with mutual love and support? Are they helping foster and environment for growth and happiness? If not can you limit your time with them? Should you cut ties with anyone, is there anyone that you should try and spend more time with? Be unapologetic in taking care of yourself and realize that some people are seasonal friends and others are lifetime connections. Discern between the two and go gracefully in this exploration.


Why: RAK, or Random Act of Kindness, is a great way to “spread the good vibes” and keep us in a high positive frequency. Intentionally spreading kindness, keeps us in a state of positivity!

How: Everyday preform one random act of kindness. Buy a stranger coffee, buy flowers and give them as a gift to a stranger, help someone who might be in need of something. If all else fails, fall back on the classic of “helping the old lady across the street.” Get creative with this, and by the end of the month you will have positively affected 30 people! How amazing is that!???


Why: This detox is similar to the RAK challenge in that it helps promote connection, cooperation and mutual respect. Are you fulfilled in life? Have you done anything to help another person recently? If you feel like there is more that you could do to help the world, force yourself into the position to, and you will find your inner peace.

How: Find an organization to volunteer at, a hospital, an animal human society, or rehabilitation/assisted living facility and ask what you can do to volunteer. As often as possible, go and lend a hand, and find that by putting yourself out there to help other people, you have immensely helped find your own inner peace.


Why: The media has a very skewed sense of what beautiful is, and when 90% of the population doesn’t fit that description we start to think that there is something wrong with us or wrong with our bodies. The truth is, YOUR BODY IS YOUR BODY AND YOU DECIDE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BEAUTIFUL.

How: Search out people who are spreading the idea of self-love, with the #bodypositive movement. Contemplate the practical uses and functions of your body, and see how your body works for you 100% of the time and start to thank you body for what it does, and then step out of that head space and examine your body an outside perspective and when feelings of guilt or shame come up, remind yourself of how much you love your body for doing all the things it does for you. Once you love your body enough on that level it’s easier to look at yourself and see your true beauty!


Why: Headphones, cellphones, sunglasses and even books are barriers between us and all the other amazing people in the world. Lets break down those barriers and let people in, and we will find the real beauty in others.

How: Everyday, have an intentional conversation with a stranger, maybe in the beginning of the month it could be a simple, “hey, weather’s really nice today, huh?” kind of thing, but try and work up to more substantial and authentic conversations, push past your social anxiety and see how it gets easier everyday! Who knows who you’ll meet, and what will happen!   Let the magic happen!!!


Why: “With this detox we are going deeply inside our minds, habits and thoughts. Things will come to the surface that we may or may not want to know about ourselves, but will only help us stay that better version of ourselves. Much like learning a new card game, we will have to examine what we know and what can be learned.”

How: Read these articles here and here


Why: “This practice was devised as a way to provide reconciliation and forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most profound spiritual practices there is. Through forgiveness, we release our attachment to external circumstances and instead align ourselves with the truth of soul.”

How: “There are many ways to perform Ho’oponopono, and you should find the unique way that works for you and your circumstances.” A quick google search can offer you insight into what HO’OPONOPONO means.


Why: Have you ever felt that you wanted to pursue something, or do something different in your life, but you stop yourself out of fear of failure or not being good enough? I know for a good amount of time in my life I have too often let fear dictate what I did, and I missed out on some beautiful experiences. When I started to learn to let go of fear and trust in the world, I found that magic happened all around me, all the time. This life is fucking amazing, and if we could just let go of our fears, we will discover how magical the world can be and how amazing our lives can be, if we let it.

How: Everyday ask yourself what your deepest desires and dreams are. Handwrite your list, and be sincere, your list might sound crazy, but the crazier the better! Now go through each one and ask what keeps you from living a life that includes that. What do you fear, that has stopped you?   Now as yourself if these fears are actually founded in truth? Are they things that can be changed? Are these fears more mental, and if so is there a way to overcome them?   Know your enemy as much as possible, to be as prepared to take them over.   The only thing standing in your way is you! So ask yourself questions, and get to the root of these fears, and watch them disappear on their own, and then LIVE THAT BEST LIFE!


REMINDER!   Share with all of us what it means to be living your best life!   Comment, share photos, post up videos, and whatever else you can think of, and be sure to use the hashtag #yourbestlife31 to be entered for multiple giveaways throughout the month!



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Your Best Life in 31 Days – Holistic Detox

Are you ready to finally make some changes in your life to start living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life?

Join us during the month of August for our Holistic Detox Challenge!

Throughout August myself along with a few special guest hosts will be hosting a 31 day holistic detox challenge.   What is a holistic detox? 

A holistic detox is similar to any conventional detox that you may have done in the past, but with a holistic detox, we are not just focusing on detoxing the body, we are detoxing our entire lives through a holistic approach, focusing on the mind, the body and the soul.

We will be showcasing 30 different detoxes, 10 mind, 10 body and 10 soul.  Each day in August we will be posting, here, at TruthsFacade, explaining the benefits and offering “how-to” instruction for each detox, along with some of our personal experience with each one, and what it truly means to us.

Detox Flyer
Detox Flyer

We will be concluding on August 31st, with a day of reflection, assessing who we are now, and how different we are, than when we started this journey together.

This is a completely unique experience, in that each of us will have our own detox plan.  Before the challenge begins, we will post up a syllabus of each detox, with a brief description of how to approach each of them.  You can pick and chose however many or as few as you like, but we do suggest choosing at least 3, one from each category, so you can lay the holistic foundation for some permanent life change.

Along the way we will be having some amazing guest hosts join us from all across the county, sharing their expertise and guiding us through some of these detoxes and how we can live our best lives.

We will also be having some great prizes and giveaways for those who are participating!   So share with us what your best life looks like!  Join us in our facebook group, and use the hashtag #yourbestlife31 on all your social media accounts for a chance to win some awesome swag!

So check back regularly, share this with all your friends and family and lets be the change we wish to see!

Yoga Meditation: Strength and Forgiveness



The past few days I have been a mess.  So many things in my past have resurfaced; things that I thought were gone for good.  But when you least expect it, they will pop back up because I guess maybe we didn’t learn the lesson from those experiences.  Whatever the reason, these unresolved things made their way back into my consciousness.

Looking back over the past month, I had some major life changes happen.  Crippling depression, self-isolation and feeling like I’ve been crawling through the dark have become daily occurrences after my father died.

This isn’t a sympathy piece, or even an advice column, but if you find some kind of assurance or inspiration to fan your own flame, then let it burn, baby.

So yesterday, after a few margaritas I found myself 2 pages deep into a letter to an old friend.  A bittersweet and uncensored, no fucks given kind of letter expressing how angry I was about how things had turned out.  Without getting too much into it, I’ll just say that it was a cutting, brutally honest and unapologetic letter expressing how he fucked up.  Later that night I had a text conversation with another old friend, calling them out for ghosting out on our friendship.   Thoughts of those closest to me, not being there in my time of need, overflowed into a verbal explosion of pent up emotions.

I was not playing around, and still am not.  I was unapologetically honest and held no space for their feelings or sugar coating anything.  I referenced that some of my compassion may have died when my father did, and that I would not allow the preservation of others’ feelings guilt me into being unauthentic.  Read: I cut a bitch with words, and no fucks were given.

Today however I really focused on forgiveness and strength.  Because I cannot carry that burden around with me any longer.  And it fucking sucks to face this shit head on, but I suppose that growth will always make us uncomfortable at first.

I decided that I had to deal with these things in a healthier manner than just getting drunk and calling motherfuckers out on their shit.  Still a necessary step, for me anyway.  But how was I going to let go of my death grip to these people and situations?

When Pop died, many people reminded me, to go to God when things got rough.  At the time, I had a few choice words for those people, as in “Where was God when…”

But now that the dust has settled a bit, I decided that I had to get back to my meditation and commune with spirit, or God.  So today I went out to the river and did some yoga, one of my favorite things in the world, that I don’t utilize enough, and these are a few of the things that came up in my meditation:

Forgiveness and Strength

  1. Have strength to forgive those who don’t deserve it. There’s the major cliché that forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you, and there have been many times when even this dirty hippie has called bullshit on that theory. But when we step back far enough out of the picture, it really is the truth. Forgiving another person enables us to take our power back. We no longer give them dominion over our emotions or thoughts. We can recognize, analyze, internalize and finally expel things that no longer serve us. Take the lessons, and let it go. Holding those grudges or animosity do nothing but take up space in our lives, space that we can dedicate to growth, happiness and peace. So choosing to forgive, allows us to make room for better things, and helps us reclaim our independence and reclaim our power. Take it back.
  2. Forgive yourself for the times you didn’t have the strength. Forgiveness is often thought of as a one-way street, we forgive others, we forgive the world, and we forgive the demons that try to dim our light. Forgiveness is so powerful, why should we only offer it to others?  If we find ourselves in situations where we let others have so much power over us, we can feel guilty that we let that affect us for so long in such a detrimental way. Personally I tend to hyper focus on a situation and I do whatever I can to address it on every level, from every perspective, but there have been many times that I forget to also realize my own role in life, or in a particular circumstance. We have the ability to empower ourselves through forgiveness to others, but why not offer that same blessing to ourselves? We can and should at least consider forgiving ourselves for the times we didn’t have the strength to “do the right thing.” We are only human, we are all playing the same game, (I just lost the game, sorry!) and we are not separate from this world as our egotistical minds may lead us to believe.

Does this mean that we are now objectively observing our lives, outside of ourselves? Are we observing the world from another perspective than our own existence? If so, and we separate ourselves from our own lives like this, then who is the one observing? Is God in us? Are we, in essence part of this Christ consciousness? Are we part of a much larger being? Just some food for thought.

Before I get too off topic, I’d like to just finalize this by saying, that in forgiveness we find strength, and when we find our inner strength we are more able to forgive, which as stated, allows us to make room in our lives for bliss, happiness and peace. So if you can make the choice, forgive, and just remember that whatever is going on, you already have the strength inside you to do it.

Namaste motherfuckers

A Cheap Date is always the best

It was 8:30 when my friend Rachel and I pulled up to this out of the way bar, Walsh’s Town Tavern, in Patterson, NY to see her brother’s band, Cheap Date perform.  As I looked at this place, I let out a groan, and gave Rachel a look of “What the fuck are you getting me into, tonight?”  I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for most of my life, and Patterson just isn’t a place to go, to do anything.   Nothing wrong with it, but I can honestly say that in 27 years, this was my first experience checking out anything “over there.”

You know what though…. this place was awesome!   It was not the dive bar filled with back country people that I expected.  Now don’t get me wrong it was ‘divey’ but in all the right ways.  The music was great, the decor: country meets HGTV and the patrons were an eclectic generational mix.  The bartender, Cristina was amazing, attentive, friendly and very welcoming.  Walsh’s had a “Nuts and Bolts” night, a sort of ice breaker to find your match in the bar for a free drink, which lends it self to the idea of inclusion and communication.  The staff there sets up a welcoming environment and atmosphere.  This really is a unique find, under the radar spot to check out with a few friends.


So we came to check out the band, Cheap Date.  I’m no music critic and I couldn’t even tell you the difference between a melody and a harmony, (Are those even things?), but what I can say is that the music MOVED people last night.  You felt it resonate deep down and I think that comes from the passion, energy and talent that this band obviously has.  People were dancing and singing and after every song, the bar rang out with applause and cheers for the band.  At one point I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the guys at the bar, someone who you might expect to keep to themselves, an older fellow dressed in ripped jeans, covered in evidence of a hard days work, and a construction belt, was up and dancing in his own groove.  I’ll let some of the video footage speak to what the music was like, but what was the most surprising thing that I observed that night was the generosity from the bar patrons supporting the band.

Amanda Palmer has an amazing TED talk about “The Art of Asking”, I highly suggest watching this video, basically it is a discussion about the music industry and making money as an artist.  On a deeper level I find it to be more about finding strength in your vulnerability when making true, authentic connections with people, either way it’s absolutely worth a watch.

So…. back to the band, at any show there is usually a “donation jar” for people to make contributions to the band and that night it was no different.  Except for one thing, people in the bar freely gave to them without even being asked and at the end of the night, the jar was passed around the bar and without hesitation people were donating, because of the true enjoyable authentic experience they felt that night.  I think that speaks volumes to what this band offered the audience that night, and wish I had more music theory knowledge, or even general understanding in music to describe the awesomeness that was that night.

Either way, Cheap Date should be a band to watch and follow around the Hudson Valley to get a chance to experience the awesome music.  You can find them linked to this article or contact them at cheapdatehv@gmail.com for bookings and info.

12592747_1718594835030539_4417392282719956456_nAndrew “Tonka” Jordan-Guitar
Sam Smith-Bass
Bryan Kopchak-Drums
Pierce Allen-Guitar


When you rock out too hard


IMG_1701 IMG_1705 IMG_1730 IMG_1743 IMG_1771

Finding the Flow

Flow Arts is something I came across when I was at this music festival two years ago, called Evolvefest.  The festival was absolutely amazing, something similar to Lucidity Festival or something you would find at Woodstock.  Regardless of the shit that the organizer started with the festival, it was still an amazing experience.

One evening there was a performance at the main stage, and hundreds of us filled the field to sit and watch the performance and to sing and dance and enjoy the music.

A man came walking out onto the field in front of the stage and had us all back up about 10 yards or more to give him room.   The music started to play and he started to dance and give a performance that Julliard would be proud of.  At one of the low points in the melody he picked up two poi, and lit them on fire, and proceeded with an instinctive, primal and natural flow into the music.  As he spun and danced with the fire, all anyone could feel at that point was pure awe.  It was a beautiful sight of authenticity and energetic movement.  The song starts to slow, and the beat drops out from the song, and he lets the flames fall to the ground and with a swift bow to the audience he extinguished the poi, in a way that was a sacred stamp, or sound of AMEN that concluded his performance.

I was astounded and inspired and in awe of the beauty I witnessed and the weekend following the festival I made a practice dart rope, another poi prop and less popular tool for flow arts.  Composed of just a softball, sock, piece of rope from the hardware store and a clamp, which my brother showed me how to use properly!  haha

After that, it was all I could do in my free time, I practiced and spent so much time with it, that I finally was able to understand the best way to move with the prop.  To let it move freely and to flow with it as an exchange of energy, vs a willful force to push the poi into what I wanted it to do.  I realized that when I allowed for it to “have it’s own space” and it’s “own movement” to which I would respond and accommodate, I was able to find a flow where it’s self expression was my own expression.   Where I could find my own flow, by allowing and flowing instead of setting expectation and force.

I think it’s at that point where I was absolutely hooked on this.  I found such a deep state of meditation when I was in a flow, that I would equate it with an hour or more of intense mediation or yoga.

And as with any state of mediation whether it be in traditional pose, or in yoga poses, or in “getting in the zone” of doing art, I was able to let go of my own thoughts and reflect on how they come and go, just as the dart did.  I was able to separate myself from the preconceived ideas of what my life was, of what it is supposed to be like.  I was, ironically, separate from the idea of separateness.  I found the truth in unity, as I flowed and “got out of my own way”, and dropped ego long enough to understand the power and truth of “I AM.”

So I started researching more and looking into other flow artists, and other forms and styles and props, and places where those type of people would be.   I found festivals that I never thought existed, I found communities with thriving artists, I found other souls who are on the same path, of truth seeking and freedom.  I found home, in the sense that I was surrounded with people who were “my type of crazy.”  And it made me feel less crazy.  🙂

I started with LED POI and eventually found my way to fire.  I’ve played around with different styles of flow, and I am by no means near the skill level of other flow artists, but I have made some real progress in my own style and expression.  Read:authenticity

I started a journey of authenticity and empowerment, of myself and of those around me.  I find that my passion lies in the happiness of others.  “The light bulb moment” in others is what fuels my life.  I think that’s why I’ve really stuck by this idea of self love for so long.   I want to show that, as you love yourself unconditionally, you allow yourself to be authentic which leads to authentic connections in your life.   You can find yourself surrounded by people on the same path, like minded individuals who have so much beauty to share, that you feel as if you’re walking around in paradise.

Now my life is not all rainbows and sunshine, but for the most part I am happy.  I am euphoric, and in the face of adversity try to find the positive and the light, and learn from it and try to magnify it.

Flow really brought me to an understanding of what life is about, for me anyway.  It introduced me to a world of beauty that I didn’t know existed.  It showed me the connections between us, how our actions have ripple affects on the world and how love is what we find at the core.

I guess I could sum this thought up with this:

Loving yourself and fearlessly exploring this world, can fill you up with so much light and peace and happiness if you just allow it and find your flow.



5 questions to ask a stranger.

Great read 🙂 Check it out

Jargon on a screen.

Finding it hard to connect with new people through small talk I decided to compiled a list of questions that would help establish an open line of communication and a more lasting encounters. I’ll go through each question and explain why I choice it as one of the five. These questions will challenge and establish trust, honestly, and vulnerability; The three properties of healthy friendship. Along with the answers it is wise to be aware of how the person acts whilst asked and answering the quinary. Body language, vocal tone and eye contact are important to note as they are just as much a part of the words being released. Although I’ve rarely ever started a conversation with “Hello, what’s the single most important thing to you?” I can say I am not against this approach but personally find it more beneficial to ask these when it is known that…

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The Scenes of Savannah

FLY ~ First Love Yourself

I love this shot. The color is awesome. This photo was taken in a remote area of the Wormsloe historic site in Savannah and I think it hints at what people need to focus on when planning for the future.  We need to make way for nature; we need to reflect on how it so easily exists and provides, and we need to imitate that in social and civic engineering.

Accomodate Nature
“Rabbit Hole”

Low tide gave way for this passage to the ocean. It made me feel like I was falling or being pulled into the ocean; sort of returning to the essence of humanity. A drop in the ocean, or the ocean in a drop?

The Ocean Never Resists The River

The texture in this shot really represents the diversity that can be found in Savannah. The people I met were as unique and different as the stone in this shot. Just beautiful!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Playground for the Sprites
Enter The Jungle
Even Nature Reflects on Itself
Run Forest, Run
The Invasion of Hexxus
Dancing by Myself


All the light of the Universe is here

This is the JetBlue sign sitting outside of the JFK airport in New York.  Taken about 2 minutes before a group of security guards came over to ask what “the guy who’s taking pictures of all the planes and buildings” was doing. 😉

Up, Up and Away

Interestingly enough, this super funky and cool bus was painted and designed by my host’s friend, early last year. Small world.

Make, Take, but never Forsake
Gloomy Peace
Gia Paints
Waves of Unconditional Gratitude

These next few photos are of a community garden near Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), which was one of my absolute favorite places in Savannah. Blake (my host), took me here, and it was straight up, the scene from ‘Harriet the Spy’, when Gully took the kids the garden with all the funky things, everywhere. I love seeing things like this: repurposed, reused, and recycled!

unattended children will become art

IMG_1194 IMG_1191 IMG_1117 IMG_1127


These photos are just a glimpse into the kind of beauty that Savannah has to offer. Its loveliness is not exclusive to the landscape, but also extends to the locals and fellow travelers, who I met while couch surfing for the first time. These strangers-turned-friends helped me to learn more about myself than I thought possible in such a short amount of time and will be the focus of the next blog installment, The People of Savannah. I am excited to share more of my experience with you. Namaste!

**Article edited by Heather Lynn of www.mostlymydog.com**

Follow the Synchronicities

I read The Alchemist this past summer and it was an amazing read.

Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the magical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found.

The story of the treasures Santiago finds along the way teaches us, as only a few stories can, about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and, above all, following our dreams.

I took so much away from the novel, and at almost every turn of the page, I was hit with this sense of epiphany, and sudden knowing, as if after reading  certain passages I thought to myself, “well yea, of course, that’s just how it is, that’s how it works.”  For me it helped me “remember” how life communicates with us.

But this isn’t a review article, I want to share how I went through a series of synchronicities that led me to heading down to Savannah, GA, this coming weekend.

(Also I highly recommend reading or watching, The Celestine Prophecy, and it will just shed more light on how the world communicates with us, if we just listen.)

So a few months ago, I requested off of work a few days this coming holiday weekend, with hopes of maybe doing something new.  I had no plans and no idea of what to do, except for maybe extending my stay away from work.  haha

Well last week as I was flipping through Facebook a friend shared an article about how some air lines were offering some very cheap flights for this holiday weekend, but you would have to purchase them within 48 hours to get the deal.  I meant to save the link to check it out later that night but never actually did, so when that evening came I was a little pissed at myself for letting that slip away.

I’ve never been one for setting new years resolutions, but this year I have and one of the many have been to travel more, and to really follow the synchronicities that I find, and see where it takes me.  Later that night, I saw another article about flight deals, from a different airline and was ecstatic to find it and jumped on the opportunity to explore what they were offering.  With no idea of where I would want to go, I decided to just check out the cheapest flights and see if they happened to be on the dates that I had off from work.

Well, the cheapest flight happened to be the EXACT dates of when I would fly out and fly back, and what’s more kismet is that it was to Savannah Georgia, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about seeing the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees that I’ve always wanted to check out.  Well I decided to keep this trip as cheap as possible to see if it would even be a feasible option to go down for the weekend, because who in their right mind would turn down a round trip flight from NY to SAV for…… $116.80, taxes fees and all that included.

That led me to checking out Couch Surfing, I’ve been interested in trying it out for a few years but never had the gall to actually give it a shot.  So I checked out who would be hosting for that weekend, and the first person I found, I sent a message and he said that he’d be happy to host me for the days that I would be down there.   Coolest part about that, is that he happens to be part of the conscious community and is also a fire spinner!   So now I had a place to stay and went to book my tickets.

The website had gone down, because of some technical issues so I called the airline, Jet Blue to see if I could possibly still get those tickets.  The long and short of it they were able to book my tickets at no extra charge and they were SO helpful over the phone!   Big thanks to the dude who helped on the phone!

So now I have a place to stay and the tickets and also a car rental, which was UBER cheap too.  So now my entire trip is only costing $170 for 4 days and 3 nights.

So I am crazy excited to go on this little vacation this weekend, and even more excited to get in some photography!   Being part of the Canon family, I will absolutely be documenting this little trip, hopefully leading to more adventures this year!  Also BIG shout out to Canon, for requesting permission to share multiple photos of mine on their blog!   #teamcanon  #canonbringit

I’ve said it before, but a dream/intention/plan of mine is to make a career out of travel and photography.  So hopefully this might get the attention of Canon, Jet Blue and some other sponsors who might want to help out in my mission of showing what more life can offer us, if we just consciously chose to engage with what we love.  For me that means immersing myself in art, people, creation, travel, photography, philanthropy, activism and Love, in any and all forms.

So keep an eye out on my blog over the next few weeks and check out what I come across during this mini adventure, what my experience with Couch Surfing was like, what me and my Canon 70d come across and articles to come with some tips on traveling cheaply, putting yourself in the way of beauty, and living your best life.

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Peace and Love 😉

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