Releasing Fear – Following your Dreams

No matter where we are in the process of making our ideas, goals and dreams come to life, there is a visitor that comes knocking on our door from time.


Knock. Knock.

You: Who’s there?

Visitor: Just who do YOU think you are? Just where do YOU think you are going? It’s NEVER going to happen for you! You’ll see!


This visitor usually arrives when we have just responded to an undeniable force nudging us in a particular direction, or just witnessed an awe-inspiring example in the realm of human achievement.


This visitor usually comes bearing thoughts that cause us to either stop dead in our tracks, veer off our chosen course of action, or worse yet, abandon our dreams altogether.


I’m sure by now you can guess who this visitor is. This visitor is FEAR. And on the path to making our goals and dreams become a reality, no matter how courageous we consider ourselves to be, every single one of us has encountered the knock of fear, and will more than likely encounter its knock once more.


I have found in my work with countless dreamers and doers around the world, that learning to weaken (and hopefully eliminate) fears influence in our lives is essential to the process of DreamRunning-moving powerfully forward with our ideas, goals and dreams. Here’s what to do the next time fear happens to knock upon your door.




Wayne Dyer, a man who inspired me greatly, said FEAR is false evidence appearing real. I agree. Fear is a thought form we take on as real, despite the fact that most of what we fear never actually comes true. Simply put: we are allowing fantasy to darken the lens of our desired reality while wondering why our dreams feel more like fantasies than potential realities. The only antidote for this is for us to GET REAL.


Just like a worthy opponent, our fears must be officially acknowledged and sized up before they can be minimized and dissolved. The first step to detoxing fear is being honest with what we feel, because with truth also comes power.



Once we have acknowledged the presence of fear, we are now ready to understand it on a deeper level. We do this through embracing a process of self-inquiry.


Inquiry is a form of inner exploration that supports us in getting to the root of a matter. It’s important that we get a sense of this particular fears true nature. It’s best to just get silent, take a deep breath and ask it directly: Why are you here, and what do you have to tell me?


You will be amazed at what happens next, usually you will immediately get an answer. It may say. I am here to tell you that you are getting close to everything you have ever wanted and that is why you are so afraid.


Every emotional state we embody holds within it a gift of awareness. This gift reveals to us simultaneously, where we currently are, as well as where we have been, and where we might go in the future.


Whatever your fears tell you, keep drilling down until you get an answer that you know in your gut is the truth. You will know it by the way it makes you feel: like you have hit a nerve or struck a gold. In a way you really have. Uncovering truths that set us free are golden!



The awareness that comes from getting to the root cause of our fear has so much value. Now that you have gotten down to the real reason for fear’s arrival, thank your fear for showing up and sharing with you the valuable wisdom that it has given to you. Thank it for helping you move forward.


Gratitude is a very strong powerful state that also put us in touch with who we are, what we currently have and where we can go. As we thank fear for its presence, we are now ready to use gratitude to move ourselves powerfully in the direction of our dreams. It is now time to release…



It is easy to let go of what no longer serves us when we are equipped with a deeper sense of value. You have successfully transformed fear into valuable wisdom. As you realize this, you willingly release the hold it had on you, because you are holding valuable wisdom that you can use to get back on your journey towards your desired destination. You may find yourself wondering where the fear went, but soon realize it really doesn’t matter. What matters now, is where YOU can go now that fear is no longer present. With this newfound awareness, you turn your focus now towards how this wisdom can help you take the next step…


By acknowledging, exploring, thanking and releasing our fears, we learn more than we ever thought we could from them. The wisdom that lies in the process of detoxing our fears equips us with the internal awareness essential to move powerfully forward in the direction of our dreams.


Join us Sept 25th for the 5th annual global celebration of World Dream Day, where people of all nations and persuasions will celebrate the role that ideas, goals and dreams have played in creating a better world. Play your part!


About the Author:


Ozioma is a speaker, writer, teacher and transformational strategist dedicated to helping individuals,  businesses and communities reach their full potential.

A leader in transformational coaching and strategy, Ozioma works with individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations to create tailored strategies that support them in achieving their highest form of excellence while releasing perceived limitations and step into the biggest, boldest realities imaginable, where they can shine FULLY.

Highly sought after, Ozioma’s strategies have been adopted by individuals, Fortune 500 corporations, small business owners, local communities, and a variety of change agents seeking to spark global transformation.

In 2012 she created World Dream Day a global day of activation used as a vehicle for empowering ideas, goals and dreams around the world.

Ozioma has also served as a Vice President in the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Cultural Strategy, Cultural Insight and Innovation for several internationally recognized marketing agencies. Including:

Ozioma has spoken at global venues such as the United Nations and delivered inspiring motivational addresses at numerous conferences, including the Grace E. Harris Women’s Leadership Conference, SXSW Interactive Festival, Social Media Week and TEDxBrooklyn. She has also been honored as an innovator on NBC, and made guest appearances on CBS, ABC, FOX and MSNBC.

Ozioma teaches a Masters course on Developing & implementing Ideas at Columbia University and is the founder and CEO of BurnBright International.

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