Art Detox

A child’s resilience is magical.   They recover quickly from injury and beat the odds when all statistics are against them.   They key to their resilience is that they believe in magic.  They make wishes, they believe in fairies, they cross their fingers and they hope beyond hope.   Their sense of hope is lacking the understanding of what hope is, they don’t fully understand that to hope, one needs to know the outcomes and anticipate a negative result, but they still wish for the better outcome.   They skip over the analysis of what could go wrong, or at least they focus little on it.   Instead they believe in the magic, and they believe in the good.    It’s there, the utter belief and knowing of magic that empowers them to achieve amazing results.  They use their imagination freely and without question.   That is the place of their magic.

Imagination is such a beautiful space to be creative and build any kind of world that we want.   Artists are the children who survived into adulthood.   An artist is someone who can dive into the realm of dreams and unabashedly and unapologetically create without thought to what could go wrong.

Artist allow themselves to flow in possibility.  In color, and sound and movement, and thought, they become a conduit for higher consciousness.

The Art Detox, is all about dropping into that flow and fearlessly create and use our imaginations like children.   If we can allow ourselves to get to a space where we offer no consideration for what our beliefs are, we can create a magical world, that exists, if we just let it though.

For the Art Detox, we suggest that everyday you commit at least one hour to one of your creative expressions.   Whatever that is for you, and however you chose to follow the creativity, just make sure to commit it everyday.   Everyday draw a sketch, write a poem, work on one painting everyday for a month.   Whatever it is, just keep opening the creative doors, and hopefully by the end of the 31 days you will find that getting to that creative space will become like flicking on a light switch.   Like a muscle, it can get easier the more we exercise it, and only you can show us the unlimited potential that is your mind.

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