10 Ideals Detox

Welcome and congratulations in taking on this detox to help maintain a better you! Before we begin, it’s important to remember that you are already who you wish to become! Yes, that’s right; from the exact moment when you created the idea of change, and saw yourself as that better version of yourself, you became that better version. You’ve seen and know how that version acts, how they think, and how they live. You now only need to follow the appropriate actions to keep on that path. We are all constantly changing; how we handle situations and emotions, what we believe to be true and how we live our lives. We have highs and we have lows. If we can remember this constant impermanence, through those changes we’ll have a much better outlook on this journey. Before we start, I’d like you to sit for a moment and close your eyes. Picture a movie screen or a crystal ball with the way you’d like to see yourself in the future. Sit for however long you’d like to watch and continue reading after you’ve done so.

With this detox we are going deeply inside our minds, habits and thoughts. Things will come to the surface that we may or may not want to know about ourselves, but will only help us stay that better version of ourselves. Much like learning a new card game, we will have to examine what we know and what can be learned. For example, we may be knowledgeable in other card games and pretty good at them but playing the new game reveals to us how to play, what we can change to become better and gives us new ideas and approaches. The 10 ideals will do the same by revealing what areas we lack and what areas we excell in. Since this is a 31 day detox we really want to get as much done as possible. So let’s begin by grabing somthing to write. Go through the list in the link below and become knowledgeable about their meanings and definitions.
Next, write in numerical order which ideals need the most attention in your life. (For me, it’s the way the list is written. Honesty being most important and the first thing I always want to countiue to strive for in my day to day.) Take your time and really think about it; this is your foundation to your detox. It will also be helpful to keep a journal so that you may write down any epiphany, progress, thoughts or feelings.

Got your list? Good. Next we’ll work through the list, starting with the first ideal. With the selected ideal for the day you will be responsible for being extremely conscious throughout the day, not only with your words and actions but your thoughts. Lets take honesty for example: For the whole day, before speaking ask yourself, “Is this true? Am I exaggerating at all? Am I lying or being deceitful in any way?” If the words can not pass these three gates, better to not say it at all. Watch your thoughts as well. It’s easy to judge someone on the way they are acting or deceive yourself in thinking something is correct. Just be very slow and very patient when asking yourself these questions, you’ll come to the answer. If you do find you have lied, it’s okay. Don’t spend any time beating yourself up about it. Chances are it’s habit and you’ll get better the more conscious you become. You can also simply say, “Hey, I actually lied, the truth is (blank).” And bam, problem solved. Move on and enjoy the growth!
After your first cycle of ideals you will re-write your list, changing the order of the ideals as you see appropriate. For the next 5 days you will choice two ideals per day to strive for. The selection will be one from the top and one from the bottom of the list. So, day one will be ideal 1, and ideal 10. Day two, ideal 2, and ideal 9. Day three ideal 3, ideal 8… and so on and so forth until you finish the list. Once complete, start living the list again, doing this every five days for 4 cycles (20 days). This should bring you to day 30. On day 31, you will try to live as many of the ideals you can. After that, the detox is complete!
Here is a time table if any of that was confusing.
Day one, write your list.
Day 1-10 live one ideal per day.
End of day ten, rewrite your list.
Day 11 -15 live two ideals per day.
End of day fifteen, rewrite your list.
Day 16-20 live two ideals per day.
End of day twenty, rewrite your list.
Day 21-25, live two ideals per day.
End of day twenty-five re-write your list
Day 26-30, live two ideals per day.
Day 31, live all ideals.

May this detox help you and keep you peaceful. Best of luck.

-Blake Aaron Bradley


About the Author:


Blake Aaron Bradley is an artist, graphic designer, sculptor, carpenter, and author.   Blake is well known across the country as one of the traveling gurus. He is an experienced Couch Surfing host and has welcomed over 60 travelers into his home and played an integral part in each of their journeys. Blake is the author of Jargon a Screen and is working on one of his newest projects, set for publication in the near future! When Blake isn’t taking over the world, he is tending to his beehive, teaching classes on bee preservation and working in his studio. Please visit him online, and follow his journey, as he helps spread the good vibes.

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