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Welcome and congratulations in taking on this detox to help maintain a better you! Before we begin, it’s important to remember that you are already who you wish to become! Yes, that’s right; from the exact moment when you created the idea of change, and saw yourself as that better version of yourself, you became that better version. You’ve seen and know how that version acts, how they think, and how they live. You now only need to follow the appropriate actions to keep on that path. We are all constantly changing; how we handle situations and emotions, what we believe to be true and how we live our lives. We have highs and we have lows. If we can remember this constant impermanence, through those changes we’ll have a much better outlook on this journey. Before we start, I’d like you to sit for a moment and close your eyes. Picture a movie screen or a crystal ball with the way you’d like to see yourself in the future. Sit for however long you’d like to watch and continue reading after you’ve done so.
With this 31-day Mediation detox we will be going deeply inside our minds, habits and thoughts. Things will come to the surface that we may or may not want to know about ourselves. This will only help us stay that better version of ourselves. First let’s talk about the type of mediation we’ll be doing and what the benefits are. For the next 31 days we will be learning and practicing Anapana, the backbone for learning the meditation of Vipassana. Some meditation practices are connected to religion and sects, Anapana and Vipassana however are not, they are also not a spiritual form of mediation. Although many do get spiritual benefits, anapana is simply a method to calming the mind, increasing focus and awareness of the present moment. With this detox we are going to work our way up to a full hour of meditation.
Some things to note is that it is very important not to skip out on days, take this month to really go hard into mediation to get the full benefits. Make a commitment now, write it down on paper that, “I will not become lazy in my practice! I will take this month to learn something that can change my entire life!”

Day 1:

Watch to learn the proper way of Anapana. Video recap: Sit in a comfortable position. Better to sit than to lie down as you may become drowsy. With your back straight and head up, this will help your neck and back in the future. Close your eyes. Observe the natural movement of your breath, as it goes in, as it comes out. No need to think about it, try to change it, envision it or use words to describe it. Just observe the reality of your breath at this moment. In the beginning your mind will slip and wonder away, it will think about something else, this could be for 5 mins. or 5 seconds. It doesn’t matter how long, how many times or why it as slipped away, when you become aware it has wondered, come back to observing the breath. Don’t become irritated or upset by this, it is just the habit pattern of your untrained mind. By become irritated you are creating new habit patterns and will get in walking in the opposite detection of your meditation.
At this point you can move and adjust freely but when you do, do it slowly and quietly. Feel free to listen to this audio tutorial for your first sit (10:30). (Note: It is best if you can sit in the AM)

Day 2 – 4:

Sit for 7 to 10 minutes.
We are learning Anapana, The foundation to Vipassana. Here is the official website for Vipassana. I do encourage you to read as much as you’d like about the practice but do not try to learn Vipassana from the internet. It must be taught in its purist form and properly to give the correct benefits. Before we start let’s remember this is not a race, the goal is not sitting for one hour. The goal is to become proficient in your practice and gaining most benefit from your time.

Day 5 – 13:

Sit for 15-20 minutes.
Day one discourse for students. (It is not advised to watch any other discourses, as this may just result in confusion.)

Day 14 – 20:

Sit for 25- 30 minutes.
For an extra challenge try to sit “Adhiṭṭhāna” for some of your sits. Learn how here “

Day 21- 25

Sit for 40-45 minutes.
Check out the documentary on how prisons are using Vipassana to help inmates.

Day 26- 30

Sit from 45 – 60 minutes.
Day two discourse for students. (It is not advised to watch any other discourses, as this may just result in confusion.)

Day 31

Sit 60 minutes!
Congratulations! You made it! I hope you made much progress and have started to reap the benefits of your meditation. If you’d like go deeper? Think about taking 10 days to learn the practice of Vipassana and taking a course at a center. The courses are always free and only takes 10 days of your life to get established. Questions about the course:

-Blake Aaron Bradley


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Blake Aaron Bradley is an artist, graphic designer, sculptor, carpenter, and author.   Blake is well known across the country as one of the traveling gurus. He is an experienced Couch Surfing host and has welcomed over 60 travelers into his home and played an integral part in each of their journeys. Blake is the author of Jargon a Screen and is working on one of his newest projects, set for publication in the near future! When Blake isn’t taking over the world, he is tending to his beehive, teaching classes on bee preservation and working in his studio. Please visit him online, and follow his journey, as he helps spread the good vibes.



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