Soul Detox: Ho’oponopono



I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you


These four phrases hold immense power. Through them, you could potentially transform your entire life- releasing countless attachments to painful memories of experiences, memories, and regrets long passed. Through this prayer, you can make peace with your past- releasing any pent up energy about it while also extracting the valuable lessons contained in each experience.

This is the magic of the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono. This practice was devised as a way to provide reconciliation and forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most profound spiritual practices there is. Through forgiveness, we release our attachment to external circumstances and instead align ourselves with the truth of soul.

With Ho’oponopono, you can find the forgiveness that is so often elusive. The beauty of this prayer lies in its simplicity. Because of its simple form, it can be integrated to fit whatever type of lifestyle you have. Everyone has their own way about life- and thus each person may perform Ho’oponopono differently, but each element is important:

I love you: This is perhaps the most important part of Ho’oponopono. Forgiveness itself is an emanation of love: love for the event or person you’re releasing as well as yourself. By beginning the practice with an affirmation of love, you enter the compassionate space of the heart. It’s important to keep touch with the loving essence of your heart throughout your practice. If you approach this practice with a commitment to love, the rest is easy.

I’m sorry: A grudge oftentimes is grasped desperately to maintain a feeling of self-righteousness. By blaming a person or a situation for your suffering is to maintain the illusion that you’re in no way responsible. The truth is, though, we participate in every experience we have. At all points in life, we are co-creating life with our fellow beings. It is seductive to blame external circumstances for our feelings, but by doing so we disempower ourselves. With “I’m sorry” we take responsibility for our contribution to the situation we wish to release. By doing so we reclaim our power to influence life.

Please forgive me: With this, we ask the person we are in conflict with for forgiveness. While “I’m sorry” acknowledges the power we do have, “please forgive me” acknowledges its limits. Truly, we never have control over another person. By asking for forgiveness, we honor the power of another person and invite them to release whatever burdens they may be carrying as well. In addition, we also ask ourselves for forgiveness here. The most important forgiveness we can receive is that of ourselves.

Thank you: With this, we express appreciation for whatever lessons we’ve learned. Be releasing attachment and accepting responsibility, we are able to observe the situation at hand and understand what teaching it held for us. By appreciating those lessons and the person or situation that brought them to us, we integrate those lessons into our being- thus growing and evolving on a soulful level.

There are many ways to perform Ho’oponopono, and you should find the unique way that works for you and your circumstances. Perhaps you would like to design a ritual. Perhaps you would simply like to do daily meditations on Ho’oponopono with different circumstances. Perhaps you would like to journal with Ho’oponopono as your outline. Perhaps, even, you would like to approach or write a letter to a person with the spirit of Ho’oponopono. Sometimes even repeating the prayer is enough- just feeling the energy of the prayer.

Whatever your approach, I guarantee this practice will be profound. Try it out and feel the magic of forgiveness for yourself. Good luck!


– Dan Rosenberg


About the Author

Dan is a reiki healer, life coach, writer, magician, and all around warrior of truth. He is bursting with passion and interest in science, spirituality, and the transformation of humanity. He believes that all people have a vast untapped potential and would love nothing more than to help people realize the power within them. He also loves traveling and has hopes that he’ll soon be living on the road in a sweet van so he can see more of this great and beautiful world as well as be of service outside of his small corner of the world. He’s currently working on the creation of a website to spread good vibes and be a wellspring of truth. When he’s not working to empower others, you’ll find Dan practicing martial arts, journeying through nature, reading, playing guitar, or wandering aimlessly in search of adventure.  To contact Dan follow him on The Bridge Between Dreams.

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