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So what is an affirmation and why do we read about them all the time?


“Affirmations in New Thought terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.””


The basic idea of using affirmations, or statements that affirm a certain characteristic, thought pattern or behavior, is that when we repeat these affirmations we start to embody the affirmation itself in our own unique life experience.


I am healthy.

I am loving.

I am joyful.

I am successful.

I am happy.


Repeating an affirmation is a way to integrate that idea in your life. So the theory is that if you were to adopt using affirmations daily that over time you would start to act and behave in a way that is parallel to that affirmation. For example, adopting an affirmation like I am healthy, and repeating that in some manner would have the affect of making you feel and be healthier.


The research on affirmations and their affect on the subconscious mind can be found in many medical and psychological journals. Its basically using the placebo effect in an intentionally directed way. So if you are interested in learning more on affirmations I would suggest doing some research and seeing different methods that people practice.   As for me, I’d like to share my experience with affirmations.


I started using affirmations many years ago.   I would write on a post-it note, some affirmation, stick it to my mirror and every day I would wake up and repeat the affirmation to myself in the mirror.


Yes, I stood there like an asshole staring at myself for 20 minutes repeating, I am healthy, I am beautiful, I am happy. Over and over again, and it’s a little nerve racking to share that because I’m being vulnerable here.   At one point in my life, I thought I was ugly, I thought no one could love me; I thought that I would never be happy.


That place sucks.


I’ve been there, so if someone is there now, I FEEL YOU. And you have to know, that you are amazing, and beautiful and loved……


But back to me staring at my fiiiine ass in the mirror. 🙂  I stood there and repeated these affirmations and, for a long time, they didn’t help. I felt stupid, and I could barely look at myself in the mirror, but I kept at it. And for some people this sounds crazy, staring in a mirror repeating the same sentence to yourself, trying to subconsciously condition yourself to behave differently and feel differently.


And that’s exactly why I want to bring that up!


It is really uncomfortable at first, and most people who start affirmations or anything like that stop after a very short time.   But the results I had were real, and I kept going, and I found new ways to integrate affirmations into my life. So here are some ideas to think about if you decide to start a routine of affirmations.


  1. Affirmations don’t have to be as simple and “new agy” like, I am love. I am peace. I am successful. I am wealthy…. They absolutely can be, and there are sometimes benefits to keeping them short and simple, but you don’t have to. Feel free to get creative, try affirmations like I am surrounded by amazing people. I have so much fun every day. I am happy whenever I chose to be.
  2. You don’t have to stare into a mirror. Again, it could be beneficial for you, but not a necessity. Try doing your affirmations in other ways. I listen to them sometimes when I go to sleep. Sometimes I’ll have them play in the background when I’m working. I’ll repeat them when I’m working out, now that’s amazing, because you are now introducing a synced physical component to your routine and if you’re a kinetic learner, this is just the best!   Your life is a subjective experience, and there is no standard on how affirmations should integrate into your life.
  3. It doesn’t have to sound like a lecture. I found a musical group, called Beautiful Chorus and they have a great mantra album, which are essentially mantras or affirmations that are set to music, and sung beautifully.   For me, I tend to engage more when there is music, so adding a musical component to your affirmations could do a world of good.
  4. Creatively surround yourself with them.  I follow tons of motivational and inspiring instagram accounts, that way even when I’m on social media I am exposing myself to affirmations in one way or another.  Choosing what you are exposed to, and what you are engaging with, is really a huge step in defining what you want your life to be like.
  5. You can have fun doing them. If you aren’t showing up to this, and really bringing your whole self to the table, they won’t work. You have to want them to work, even if you think they won’t.   Our emotions fuel us, and we need to use whatever emotions we have and put them to work FOR us, instead of being victim to them.


I’ve had some amazing experiences with affirmations, and I hope that if you decide to pursue this, you show up for yourself and you do whatever it is to follow through in the best way, for your self.


Do you have any suggestions or personal takes on your affirmation routine that you can share?


Thanks, and good luck.



3 Comments on “I am – Daily Affirmations

  1. I repeat my affirmations when I’m out walking my dog or while doing anything that doesn’t require my attention. Or when something bad happens I take a moment to go through my affirmations

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    • That’s awesome! Great idea to do your affirmations when you’ve experienced something “bad”. It shoots you back up to a higher and happier frequency:)

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