Embodiment Through Dance



As souls experiencing ourselves through the expression of the physical body as accompanied by the mind, we must seek balance between these main facets of our being in order to experience optimal health and happiness. The reality however, is that most people on earth are unknowingly depriving their vehicle of much of their living essence due to a deficiency of the proper integrated bodily awareness. During the time being, much our souls are floating around us waiting to find a way in. The effects of such imbalance can range from a difficulty coping with life on earth, to feeling uncomfortable, insecure, and as if one’s body does not fit or allow for one’s true harmonious expression. As we grow as souls and as humans, so that we do not leave ourselves out of the grounded experience that we are here to be having, the most essential aspect of to our overall evolution is embodiment.


How can we live out and physically experience our soul here on earth? How can we bring our consciousness into our body, to allow for our inner truth to be experienced as freedom in form? How can we allow the vehicle to be a clear expression for our highest potential?


The idea:


Throughout the world, there are few common base themes or expressions that have served in the creation and conservation of every culture, and which have been carried from the beginning of our cultural development to still stand as equally important parts of modern life today. Amongst these there is perhaps one more personally powerful, fundamentally meaningful, and collective unifying expression than all others, hailing shared value to most each and every human, regardless of size, color, shape, class, or education in a special way – and that is dancing. This is the heart of embodiment.


What is dancing?


Dancing means letting one’s being express itself fully- freely, ecstatically, joyfully, naturally. When dancing we become ourselves more so than ever before, letting the most primal instinct to become one with the rhythm of life take over us. Surrendering every cell, bone, muscle and joint in our body, the whole of our being may be summoned in the process, clearing the mind for the flow of the soul to overtake the physical vehicle. The effects can be healing, hypnotizing, and blissful beyond belief.


The significance:


It’s hardly something to think about. It just happens. From one moment we can be walking this earth as very serious, boring, robotic creatures- and in the next, we can be dancing through time and space as magical creatures in celebration of our bodies, playing with our potential for ecstatic living through a range of motion with no rules, no limits, and no effort needed. To me, for this very reason of allowing humans to be in their own unique expression while rejoicing in this common act as a shared force, dancing is of incredible service to humanity’s evolution. When we give ourselves up to our dance, we unify the mind, body and soul to realize and embody our potential as individuals, as well as a collective.


Dancing as healing:


In these fleshy vehicles, most of us walk around with unconsciousness almost ingrained in our bodies, carrying tense muscles and contracted cells due to past trauma, as well as everyday self-suppression and negative emotions that our bodies unknowingly hold onto. This taxes all layers of our being, depriving our potential essence from coming through, and handicapping a pure experience of our true presence.


Dancing is a way of self-healing. It is using our own selves as our medicine. In surrendering to the intuitive wisdom of the body, we let the higher part of ourselves (soul) beneath the mind, that holds and brings life to the mind and body, and that always knows what to do to heal us, carry us where we need to go. It is always here- all we have to do is dance with it, as it. Perhaps the answer to all our problems is that rather than attempt to think our way away from ourselves while only finding ourselves more tangled and weighed down then before, all we have to do is simply shake the shit out, and process our being in a way that allows what is within to become expressed in an authentic, open, creative, and beautiful way.


Reclaiming dance:


We didn’t discover dancing- it discovered us. In our cave days we would dance for fun, community, as well as trippy-ass states of consciousness. It has served us well in unifying individuals together in common happiness for tens of thousands of years. Yet today, after many years of cultural evolution, I sense within dance floors and bodily vehicles and minds all around, that perhaps more and more we are depriving ourselves of the heart of this most essential fundamental act of our being.


I have loved dancing all my life. Growing up, it was interesting to observe how easy and liberating it could be at times in contrast to how awkward the context became as a teen creeping into adulthood. As a culture of external imagery more and more grew to grasp its influence on the vulnerability of developing humans seeking basic love and connection, suddenly the dance floor, a place originally found for freedom, began to feel polluted by expectations and insecurities. The essence of this medicine began to feel lost. It’s as though we innocently, subconsciously began to decide to withhold the personal bliss of dancing from ourselves, trading true joy for our ego, manipulating the movement of our spirit as if it had something to prove.


Without realizing what’s going on, what we’re missing out on, or quite knowing what there is to do about it, rather than dance to dance, i feel more and more that we have found ourselves as a mass culture exploiting the idea or image of dancing for a purpose that has more to do with how we look, who we are attracting, and whether we are in line with the cultural safety net of what others are doing. The meaning of dance has been flipped on it’s head.


Our fear of being unconventional has limited us from experiencing the wildness, the freedom, the authentic bliss and spontaneity of being spirit in form. We have begun to deprive ourselves of the light that is here within, waiting to burst in a way that is only yours. Dancing has always been our personal healer, savior, and liberator.


It is for that I’m calling for a dance revolution, to bring us back to ourselves. It is only from connecting with ourselves, of taking care of our own personal joy and expression, that we can clear the space for our soul to make its way in. It is time to let that process of embodiment be the dance of unification with self that it has always meant to serve as. Through here, without ever having to try, we will find it brings us back to one another, as we never could have pretended.


Dancing for oneself:


But what about using dance to go inwards? What about closing our eyes to be with the feelings that arise and surrendering fully to yourself? What about letting the soul that you are embrace the body with all of its being?


The most potent tool for me for in helping me return to my body has been opening myself up to dance again. Less than a year ago, i made a true commitment to begin to dance like never before, really letting myself experiment and get lost in and work through and find joy and surrender in my flow beyond fear and limitation. It is such a real practice of deconditioning and allowing one to reclaim his authentic spontaneity. With the intention to reclaim the inherent heart that acts with no agenda, and that simply lets himself be moved by his impulse as energy, as soul, as the playful will to express its pleasure, I have found so much fun and freedom in reclaiming my evolution.


The Challenge:


So let us try dancing for 30 minutes (or more).


You have known what to do this whole time. There is nothing more your body and soul want and need than to dance. So just let go 🙂


  1. Turn on your favorite music.


  1. Lose yourself to it. Let your body move however it likes. Do not suppress it. Let it go as far as it wants to. Let it take you to unknown places. Use whatever weird combinations of movements. Explore. Be bold. Be true. Be gentle. Be playful. Be slow. Be fast. There are no rules. Every move is perfect. Let whatever feels good guide you home deeper into this moment that is always here to hold you in however you wish to express yourself.




-Remember you are dancing for how you feel, not how you look. Close your eyes if it feels better.


-If you are at total loss of flow, rather than try to force yourself into it, try to return to stillness until an impulse speaks and then let it take you into an unfolding of whatever seeks to come through


-Allow yourself to feel innocent and curious, like a child.


-Allow yourself to feel beautiful.




Dancing can be an incredibly vulnerable thing. To lose oneself in it completely means to become that which you are- means getting to know a being that is yours and no one else’s. So move through, dance with, and embody different emotions as they come.




It might feel uncomfortable at first. Fears and judgments might come up as you reacquaint yourself with your body on an intimate level. But the more you learn to trust and be and surrender in yourself, the more this dance will integrate into your life to serve your embodiment as a whole.




Things to become aware of as they arise/take note of


-How comfortable are you with feeling good?


-How free can you allow yourself to be?


-What insecurities and belief systems might be holding you back?


-How does it feel to truly dance?


-How can you better integrate greater freedom and authentic spontaneity into your life?


-What would the world look like if everyone was dancing together for themselves?




Feel free to take this however you like, and please don’t take this or yourself too seriously. Because that’s what spoils all the fun. So above all, enjoy yourself. If you resonate with your practice, try to incorporate dancing into your life as much as possible. It is a shame we deprive ourselves so much of it, and culturally only restrict ourselves to experiencing the joy of dancing when in social scenes where the tendency is to be within ones mind rather than body. The more you stick with it, the greater and greater the fun and development will be. There is infinite wisdom, insight, and growth to unlock on the dance floor, and within ones bodily temple when entered with consciousness and authentic intent. To a blessed, beautiful, blissful evolution.

About the Author:


Adi Beth is a seeker, lover, feeler, thinker and creator of all things beautiful and of meaning. Having moved at a young age from Tel Aviv, Israel to the center of modern innovation that is Palo Alto, CA, he lives for a vision that transcends all cultural barriers, seeing his place and purpose in this world being to serve the empowerment of a whole humanity towards unification for a future where we are all embracing our full authentic selfs and utilizing our highest gifts and potential to co-create for the upliftment and enlightenment of all. The main means through which he experiences himself fulfilling his part in that vision is through constant exploration of his highest joy and passions through artistry, music, and writing. In acknowledging the importance of these tools in awakening himself to greater honesty and openness regarding the underlying truths of what it means for him to be human, as well as into connection with a greater sense of shared humanity, he feels hopeful to assist and inspire others in transforming and awakening themselves to their own personal places of joy, power, truth, love and purpose so that we may all know our place here at this turning point in history being worth the unleashing of every last bit of what our hearts may have to offer.






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