Daily Journaling

Mind Detox: Daily Journaling


I’m sure most of you have heard of the benefits of keeping a daily journal before. Although such a seemingly mundane act may not seem like it would be particularly beneficial- though having practiced this myself I can guarantee it to be extremely cleansing.

All of us have mental and emotional difficulties at some point. We’re human. That means we can struggle with guilt, shame, anger, regret, and all manner of difficult emotions. Likewise, many of us hold onto past experiences- constantly turning them over in our minds again and again. When we hold onto thoughts or emotion in this way, they become burdens. In this way, they weigh us down- preventing us from effectively living in the moment. In this way, these thoughts and feelings become the mental/emotional toxins that prevent us from vibrant psychological well being

There are many ways to release these burdensome thoughts and feelings- talking to a trusted friend or family member can be a great way to release these toxins. Sometimes, though, that just doesn’t cut it. Oftentimes the potential ramifications of expressing our mental turmoil to friends and family members makes it difficult to confide in them. Even if the people in our lives would not react badly to what we have to express, sometimes we just don’t want to share what’s on our minds. After all, we all have private thoughts and feelings that we don’t wish to share with anyone else.

It’s perfectly healthy to have privacy in your life, but it’s also important to have a space to release those toxic elements of your mind. The journal is just such a space. Journaling is extremely cathartic, because it’s no-holds barred. It’s the one place that you can say absolutely anything. You don’t have to be concerned with other people’s opinions, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by what you say. Your journal can be the one safe, judgment-free space in your life. You can freely rant about what a jackass your brother has been. You can explore the dark corners of your psyche that you’d rather not share with others. You can be completely, utterly honest with yourself- you have no one to impress.

Many of us in the self-improvement community strive to be positive presences in the world. This is admirable, yet we all have those dark impulses, feelings, and thoughts that we’re not so proud of. If we don’t express these somehow, they’re bound to manifest in ways we don’t appreciate. Journaling can be a great way to let your demons play. By giving them this playground, you’ll be able to purge and transform those toxic elements to your mind- allowing yourself to more fully inhabit the loving essence of your humanity.

One particular form of journaling I’ve found to be quite amazing is called morning pages. Every day when you wake up, write three pages. It doesn’t matter what you write, just write! The goal is to write three pages. In the morning you will be more able to let your thoughts flow freely onto the page without restricting them. As you continue this practice more and more, you will surely encounter deeper and deeper aspects of your mind.

As you continue to release more and more of your burdens onto the page and open more and more to the flow of the pen, you may even moments in which the pen seems to move of its own accord, channeling inspiration directly from the space beneath your mind. Don’t expect this, of course- but this is just one of many benefits of a regular journaling practice.

Happy writing!

– Dan Rosenberg


About the Author

Dan is a reiki healer, life coach, writer, magician, and all around warrior of truth. He is bursting with passion and interest in science, spirituality, and the transformation of humanity. He believes that all people have a vast untapped potential and would love nothing more than to help people realize the power within them. He also loves traveling and has hopes that he’ll soon be living on the road in a sweet van so he can see more of this great and beautiful world as well as be of service outside of his small corner of the world. He’s currently working on the creation of a website to spread good vibes and be a wellspring of truth. When he’s not working to empower others, you’ll find Dan practicing martial arts, journeying through nature, reading, playing guitar, or wandering aimlessly in search of adventure.  To contact Dan follow him on The Bridge Between Dreams.


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