Your Best Life in 31 Days – Holistic Detox

Are you ready to finally make some changes in your life to start living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life?

Join us during the month of August for our Holistic Detox Challenge!

Throughout August myself along with a few special guest hosts will be hosting a 31 day holistic detox challenge.   What is a holistic detox? 

A holistic detox is similar to any conventional detox that you may have done in the past, but with a holistic detox, we are not just focusing on detoxing the body, we are detoxing our entire lives through a holistic approach, focusing on the mind, the body and the soul.

We will be showcasing 30 different detoxes, 10 mind, 10 body and 10 soul.  Each day in August we will be posting, here, at TruthsFacade, explaining the benefits and offering “how-to” instruction for each detox, along with some of our personal experience with each one, and what it truly means to us.

Detox Flyer
Detox Flyer

We will be concluding on August 31st, with a day of reflection, assessing who we are now, and how different we are, than when we started this journey together.

This is a completely unique experience, in that each of us will have our own detox plan.  Before the challenge begins, we will post up a syllabus of each detox, with a brief description of how to approach each of them.  You can pick and chose however many or as few as you like, but we do suggest choosing at least 3, one from each category, so you can lay the holistic foundation for some permanent life change.

Along the way we will be having some amazing guest hosts join us from all across the county, sharing their expertise and guiding us through some of these detoxes and how we can live our best lives.

We will also be having some great prizes and giveaways for those who are participating!   So share with us what your best life looks like!  Join us in our facebook group, and use the hashtag #yourbestlife31 on all your social media accounts for a chance to win some awesome swag!

So check back regularly, share this with all your friends and family and lets be the change we wish to see!

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