Finding the Flow

Flow Arts is something I came across when I was at this music festival two years ago, called Evolvefest.  The festival was absolutely amazing, something similar to Lucidity Festival or something you would find at Woodstock.  Regardless of the shit that the organizer started with the festival, it was still an amazing experience.

One evening there was a performance at the main stage, and hundreds of us filled the field to sit and watch the performance and to sing and dance and enjoy the music.

A man came walking out onto the field in front of the stage and had us all back up about 10 yards or more to give him room.   The music started to play and he started to dance and give a performance that Julliard would be proud of.  At one of the low points in the melody he picked up two poi, and lit them on fire, and proceeded with an instinctive, primal and natural flow into the music.  As he spun and danced with the fire, all anyone could feel at that point was pure awe.  It was a beautiful sight of authenticity and energetic movement.  The song starts to slow, and the beat drops out from the song, and he lets the flames fall to the ground and with a swift bow to the audience he extinguished the poi, in a way that was a sacred stamp, or sound of AMEN that concluded his performance.

I was astounded and inspired and in awe of the beauty I witnessed and the weekend following the festival I made a practice dart rope, another poi prop and less popular tool for flow arts.  Composed of just a softball, sock, piece of rope from the hardware store and a clamp, which my brother showed me how to use properly!  haha

After that, it was all I could do in my free time, I practiced and spent so much time with it, that I finally was able to understand the best way to move with the prop.  To let it move freely and to flow with it as an exchange of energy, vs a willful force to push the poi into what I wanted it to do.  I realized that when I allowed for it to “have it’s own space” and it’s “own movement” to which I would respond and accommodate, I was able to find a flow where it’s self expression was my own expression.   Where I could find my own flow, by allowing and flowing instead of setting expectation and force.

I think it’s at that point where I was absolutely hooked on this.  I found such a deep state of meditation when I was in a flow, that I would equate it with an hour or more of intense mediation or yoga.

And as with any state of mediation whether it be in traditional pose, or in yoga poses, or in “getting in the zone” of doing art, I was able to let go of my own thoughts and reflect on how they come and go, just as the dart did.  I was able to separate myself from the preconceived ideas of what my life was, of what it is supposed to be like.  I was, ironically, separate from the idea of separateness.  I found the truth in unity, as I flowed and “got out of my own way”, and dropped ego long enough to understand the power and truth of “I AM.”

So I started researching more and looking into other flow artists, and other forms and styles and props, and places where those type of people would be.   I found festivals that I never thought existed, I found communities with thriving artists, I found other souls who are on the same path, of truth seeking and freedom.  I found home, in the sense that I was surrounded with people who were “my type of crazy.”  And it made me feel less crazy.  🙂

I started with LED POI and eventually found my way to fire.  I’ve played around with different styles of flow, and I am by no means near the skill level of other flow artists, but I have made some real progress in my own style and expression.  Read:authenticity

I started a journey of authenticity and empowerment, of myself and of those around me.  I find that my passion lies in the happiness of others.  “The light bulb moment” in others is what fuels my life.  I think that’s why I’ve really stuck by this idea of self love for so long.   I want to show that, as you love yourself unconditionally, you allow yourself to be authentic which leads to authentic connections in your life.   You can find yourself surrounded by people on the same path, like minded individuals who have so much beauty to share, that you feel as if you’re walking around in paradise.

Now my life is not all rainbows and sunshine, but for the most part I am happy.  I am euphoric, and in the face of adversity try to find the positive and the light, and learn from it and try to magnify it.

Flow really brought me to an understanding of what life is about, for me anyway.  It introduced me to a world of beauty that I didn’t know existed.  It showed me the connections between us, how our actions have ripple affects on the world and how love is what we find at the core.

I guess I could sum this thought up with this:

Loving yourself and fearlessly exploring this world, can fill you up with so much light and peace and happiness if you just allow it and find your flow.



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