Month: February 2016

A Cheap Date is always the best

It was 8:30 when my friend Rachel and I pulled up to this out of the way bar, Walsh’s Town Tavern, in Patterson, NY to see her brother’s band, Cheap Date perform.  As I looked at this place, I let out a groan, and… Continue Reading “A Cheap Date is always the best”

Finding the Flow

Flow Arts is something I came across when I was at this music festival two years ago, called Evolvefest.  The festival was absolutely amazing, something similar to Lucidity Festival or something you would find at Woodstock.  Regardless of the shit that the organizer started… Continue Reading “Finding the Flow”

5 questions to ask a stranger.

Originally posted on Jargon on a screen.:
Finding it hard to connect with new people through small talk I decided to compiled a list of questions that would help establish an open line of communication and a more lasting encounters. I’ll go through each…

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