The Scenes of Savannah

FLY ~ First Love Yourself

I love this shot. The color is awesome. This photo was taken in a remote area of the Wormsloe historic site in Savannah and I think it hints at what people need to focus on when planning for the future.  We need to make way for nature; we need to reflect on how it so easily exists and provides, and we need to imitate that in social and civic engineering.

Accomodate Nature
“Rabbit Hole”

Low tide gave way for this passage to the ocean. It made me feel like I was falling or being pulled into the ocean; sort of returning to the essence of humanity. A drop in the ocean, or the ocean in a drop?

The Ocean Never Resists The River

The texture in this shot really represents the diversity that can be found in Savannah. The people I met were as unique and different as the stone in this shot. Just beautiful!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Playground for the Sprites
Enter The Jungle
Even Nature Reflects on Itself
Run Forest, Run
The Invasion of Hexxus
Dancing by Myself


All the light of the Universe is here

This is the JetBlue sign sitting outside of the JFK airport in New York.  Taken about 2 minutes before a group of security guards came over to ask what “the guy who’s taking pictures of all the planes and buildings” was doing. 😉

Up, Up and Away

Interestingly enough, this super funky and cool bus was painted and designed by my host’s friend, early last year. Small world.

Make, Take, but never Forsake
Gloomy Peace
Gia Paints
Waves of Unconditional Gratitude

These next few photos are of a community garden near Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), which was one of my absolute favorite places in Savannah. Blake (my host), took me here, and it was straight up, the scene from ‘Harriet the Spy’, when Gully took the kids the garden with all the funky things, everywhere. I love seeing things like this: repurposed, reused, and recycled!

unattended children will become art

IMG_1194 IMG_1191 IMG_1117 IMG_1127


These photos are just a glimpse into the kind of beauty that Savannah has to offer. Its loveliness is not exclusive to the landscape, but also extends to the locals and fellow travelers, who I met while couch surfing for the first time. These strangers-turned-friends helped me to learn more about myself than I thought possible in such a short amount of time and will be the focus of the next blog installment, The People of Savannah. I am excited to share more of my experience with you. Namaste!

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