Follow the Synchronicities

I read The Alchemist this past summer and it was an amazing read.

Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the magical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found.

The story of the treasures Santiago finds along the way teaches us, as only a few stories can, about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and, above all, following our dreams.

I took so much away from the novel, and at almost every turn of the page, I was hit with this sense of epiphany, and sudden knowing, as if after reading  certain passages I thought to myself, “well yea, of course, that’s just how it is, that’s how it works.”  For me it helped me “remember” how life communicates with us.

But this isn’t a review article, I want to share how I went through a series of synchronicities that led me to heading down to Savannah, GA, this coming weekend.

(Also I highly recommend reading or watching, The Celestine Prophecy, and it will just shed more light on how the world communicates with us, if we just listen.)

So a few months ago, I requested off of work a few days this coming holiday weekend, with hopes of maybe doing something new.  I had no plans and no idea of what to do, except for maybe extending my stay away from work.  haha

Well last week as I was flipping through Facebook a friend shared an article about how some air lines were offering some very cheap flights for this holiday weekend, but you would have to purchase them within 48 hours to get the deal.  I meant to save the link to check it out later that night but never actually did, so when that evening came I was a little pissed at myself for letting that slip away.

I’ve never been one for setting new years resolutions, but this year I have and one of the many have been to travel more, and to really follow the synchronicities that I find, and see where it takes me.  Later that night, I saw another article about flight deals, from a different airline and was ecstatic to find it and jumped on the opportunity to explore what they were offering.  With no idea of where I would want to go, I decided to just check out the cheapest flights and see if they happened to be on the dates that I had off from work.

Well, the cheapest flight happened to be the EXACT dates of when I would fly out and fly back, and what’s more kismet is that it was to Savannah Georgia, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about seeing the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees that I’ve always wanted to check out.  Well I decided to keep this trip as cheap as possible to see if it would even be a feasible option to go down for the weekend, because who in their right mind would turn down a round trip flight from NY to SAV for…… $116.80, taxes fees and all that included.

That led me to checking out Couch Surfing, I’ve been interested in trying it out for a few years but never had the gall to actually give it a shot.  So I checked out who would be hosting for that weekend, and the first person I found, I sent a message and he said that he’d be happy to host me for the days that I would be down there.   Coolest part about that, is that he happens to be part of the conscious community and is also a fire spinner!   So now I had a place to stay and went to book my tickets.

The website had gone down, because of some technical issues so I called the airline, Jet Blue to see if I could possibly still get those tickets.  The long and short of it they were able to book my tickets at no extra charge and they were SO helpful over the phone!   Big thanks to the dude who helped on the phone!

So now I have a place to stay and the tickets and also a car rental, which was UBER cheap too.  So now my entire trip is only costing $170 for 4 days and 3 nights.

So I am crazy excited to go on this little vacation this weekend, and even more excited to get in some photography!   Being part of the Canon family, I will absolutely be documenting this little trip, hopefully leading to more adventures this year!  Also BIG shout out to Canon, for requesting permission to share multiple photos of mine on their blog!   #teamcanon  #canonbringit

I’ve said it before, but a dream/intention/plan of mine is to make a career out of travel and photography.  So hopefully this might get the attention of Canon, Jet Blue and some other sponsors who might want to help out in my mission of showing what more life can offer us, if we just consciously chose to engage with what we love.  For me that means immersing myself in art, people, creation, travel, photography, philanthropy, activism and Love, in any and all forms.

So keep an eye out on my blog over the next few weeks and check out what I come across during this mini adventure, what my experience with Couch Surfing was like, what me and my Canon 70d come across and articles to come with some tips on traveling cheaply, putting yourself in the way of beauty, and living your best life.

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Peace and Love 😉

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