Acorns? Oaks? Be the tree? Woodstock? Hippie level – 100%

So over my vacation I went to a yoga festival, which was pretty awesome.  It was at Bethel Woods, where the Woodstock Festival was held back in the 60’s.  The grounds are beautiful and I’m kind of shocked that I’ve never visited it before, seeing as how my family’s summer house is literally 10 minutes away.

Lets first cut to a few days ago, picture it: sicily 1920…. wait, I mean Mahopac 2015, needle stuck in my arm, leaving me with a dead arm for the next 2 days with a doctor saying “So l don’t see it, I don’t know what we are going to do, but I really think you need to get a tetanus shot.”

To which I replied “I get what you’re saying, but I’m more of a naturalist, and I don’t think I really want all those chemicals pumping through my body.”   As she stared at me, blank faced and probably thinking that if she has to fight with another anti vaxxer she is going to throw up, I felt like maybe I should just give in.

She smiled and very politely said, “You could die, and this is what you get for walking around Woodstock barefoot.”59213967

(Just got a piece of glass stuck in my foot that I couldn’t get out)

So lets get back to this festival and trees and being a hippie.   One evening I had to ride out into town to pick up something from the store, and was listening to a local radio station when the radio host announced that they were giving away tickets to this Live Well, Be Well, Yoga festival at Bethel Woods.  For some reason I decided to try and call them, which is unusual because, well I’m not 16 anymore and who calls radio stations anymore to win stuff?  But I went to call them anyway, but missed the 800 number to call, but still felt that I needed to call the station, so I stopped the car on the side of the road and googled the number.   What was I doing!?  Well long story short I got the number and called the radio station and won the tickets.

So that was going to be my Saturday, my last day of vacation.   And somehow it seemed fitting, it was the closure of my vacation, and closure to a year, seeing as how around that time, last year I was at another yoga festival called EvolveFest, and boy has shit been crazy over this past year.

So overall I was pumped to go check this thing out.   I only took a few photos of it because I was trying to participate as much as I could, and I was networking for my organization, Connect Collect Create.

IMG_9116 IMG_9110 wpid-img_20150911_231305.jpg


While I was at this festival I participated in a sound healing workshop, where basically there were a bunch of us siting in this grand room at the museum and people played crystal sining bowls, and other played with other instruments, while some of us sang and chanted OM, and all that jazz.

What was really interesting about this though was that as I sat there meditating I got this odd vision of a “tree running through itself”    Like kinda like the energy of the tree was flowing through it in this crazy awesome way, and I thought to myself, how in the hell would I ever describe this to someone, it was so odd.   I wasn’t sure how to even explain it, well, at the end of the workshop the lady who was running it, thanked everyone and then randomly said to everyone “they are saying, be the tree. Just be the tree.”   I think she was a medium and was relaying some message, what was weirder about the whole situation was that while everyone was leaving I went up to an old friend who I met in Newburg, NY, to say hello and the facilitator lady came up to me and was like “You have such a huge presence and energy, and I felt you come in like this beam of energy and I think the tree remark was for you.”

I told her about my meditation and it was an amazing connection between us, she is such a beautiful soul.   But I still don’t know what the hell this means!

What’s more kismet is that a few days before this festival I was doing a meditation on the dock at the lake, which is under an oak tree and I was focusing a lot on my heart chakra and just getting deep into the whole vibe.  I was focusing on sending out love and good vibes and all that ish, and as I was focusing on my heart chakra, an acorn fell out of the tree and hit me right in the chest at the heart chakra.

Oh wow, an acorn fell out of a tree, that you were sitting under….. *eye roll*   

Trust me, I feels you homez.   It was just crazy how this all kinda happened.

Who knows, I had just finished reading The Alchemist the day before so maybe I was already in that mind space.

But funnily enough, I have some serious connotations with acorns and stuff like that, and as I said maybe this was a closure to a years worth of shit.   Or maybe it was a sign of things to come, or maybe it was just a fucking acorn.   Either way, I’m just happy af.

peace and love peeps.

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