The Labor of Love…. Labor Day Insights

So over Labor Day weekend I went to my family’s summer house in up state New York.   This place is heaven to me, it is exactly what I love about the world and what I think paradise is.   It’s the most beautiful place I have been to so far in my life.   I wanted to share some photos I got while I was there, and toss in some insights that I realized while I was there.   IMG_8550





Some photography geeking out here:

I really love how these two photos of the same scene offer such different feelings.   For me there first one is kind of just looking into what my paradise is, and the other is much more inviting, and it really brings you into this place.   It makes you feel welcomed into this space and the feeling of love and peace that is in the atmosphere constantly.



2 Comments on “The Labor of Love…. Labor Day Insights

  1. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful or serene place, especially knowing the history you have with this place. The photos are beautiful!


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