From ‘couch potato’ to total Veg.

So I feel like I was the KING of ideas, but had no real follow through.  I had ideas to go and change the world, and to go and change my life, and to do all these amazing things.

You know what?  I am still right where I was 10 years ago.   That is some scary shit.

I’m 26 right now, I’ve gone out and done my thing, explored and what not, but now that I’m back ‘home’ thinking it’s time to settle down but I can’t help but feel that home isn’t here.  Home is more of a feeling when we are so full of love and joy, that the outside world, read: your house, your city, your clothes, your job etc., don’t really matter.

So in this realization I have come the conclusion that the ideas that I had to go out and change the world and to do all these amazing things, well, they have to start with me.   So my focus right now is living such a beautiful life, for myself, from within, that the outer world will have no choice but to reflect those ideas that I had all those years ago.

So I have made some changes recently, that were once ideas, but are now coming to fruition.   I’ve become a vegetarian, but not the scary kind;


I have started to lift off my organization called Connect Collect Create  and I’ve started to make decisions and choices based solely on my input and the way I feel about things, and ignoring societal and familial pressures.

So basically this blog is gonna be about a few things:

  • Starting a new organization
  • My personal Journey through many lenses (spiritual, artistic, human, blah blah blah)
  • Conscious living
  • My Photography  (Support Local Artists!!)

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  • And just some awesome ish….. Hopefully with plenty of videos.

So stick with me here for a bit, and just vibe out with me, homie.

Peace and Love.

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